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Thank you, Mrs. Moneypenny!

For saying that “Your Coach may have it tougher than Amelia Mauresmo” One of the things I most enjoy on a Sunday morning is sitting down with my Lapsang Souchoung cup of tea and reading the Weekend Financial Times. Religiously, I read the Weekend FT every Sunday morning I can. I turned first to the […]

26 Jul

Brexit, Globalization, and the Disenfranchised

As someone who works to prepare people for life in a globalized economy, the vote in the UK (which was England in particular) to exit the EU was very disappointing.  Aside from the shock that the vote went to ‘Leave’, I felt very dismayed.  After spending 20 years in the UK, I am proud to […]

07 Jul

Overthrowing a Dominant Myth of Leadership and Developing Leadership in a Disruptive, Global Economy

Introduction The initial words in the above title is the subject of 3sixtyglobal’s modest contribution to a Cross Cultural Management Summit held at the Florida Institute of Technology in February. The poster demonstrated that some leadership practices in other parts of the world are significantly different from those in the US. The data was generated […]

07 Jul

A Question of Culture and a Woman’s Right to Paid Maternity Leave

“Vodafone Offers Equal Global Maternity Leave” You may have missed this but Vodafone is offering all its female employees around the globe 16 weeks of paid maternity leave. Vodafone is a UK telecoms company, which is why the news went under the radar here in the US. The UK telecoms provider has 30 operating companies, […]